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How It Works

Create a document

Collavate integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Google Docs, making it easier for your team to launch a new project, choose participants, and get started at the click of a button. Use your most popular templates to save time. Users can request input from specific individuals or share documents with groups.

Submit for approval

Collavate ensures each team member or supervisor reviews and approves the document with our e-signature feature. Throughout the multi-layered approval structure, participants can leave comments, collaborate, and push the document through each tier of approval.

Edit the document

Participants engage with one another to determine how to optimize the Google Doc. Collavate utilizes automatic deadlines and reminders to keep everyone one the same page without the need for emails or phone calls.

Resubmit for approval

It’s never been easier to share docs on Google. Your team can use any device to access, review, and approve the document in the Gmail app. Each member can apply a digital signature on Google Docs. No sign in to Collavate is required!

Seamless Integrations

Collavate exists to optimize document review workflows, enhance real-time collaboration, and make the lives of you and your team easier. In that endeavor, we’ve secured strategic partnerships that allow you to maximize efficiency and stay connected. Pair Collavate with your Google Docs and Google Drive subscriptions to unlock the unrivaled security, simplicity, customization, and automation.

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Unlock the power of pure collaboration with Collavate. Request a demo to see how our intuitive platform will integrate seamlessly into your workflow and deliver the communication, simplicity, control, and customization you crave.

Tailored Workflows

Approval Processes built to fit your specific

Due Dates & Deadlines

Keep you work on schedule with submission and review reminders


Keep a static copy while you’re working on the next version


Create documents your company uses frequently to save time!

Automated Reporting

Package document submission information with custom reporting from a template

Detailed Records

Capture detailed information from submitted documents to find and analyze company trends


Work more closely by encouraging discussion and free thinking.

Share Anything

Upload any file to a post and tag your coworkers to have a thoughtful discussion

Group Communication

Build groups for any department, team, or project. Keep all of the communication private until it’s ready to share.

Communication & Integration

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to hitting deadlines, maximizing resources, and elevating the bottom line. Those goals are sacrificed when email and physical signatures are required to communicate and approve… Read More

Reports & Requests

Without Collavate, managers are forced to use multiple tools to track expense reports, purchase requests, time off requests, and similar documents. The manager is forced to create these documents, track all information, and compile a report for high-level use…. Read More

Managing & Monitoring

Collavate places you in total control of your team’s Google Workspace. With a super admin account, you can monitor the flow of documents, make changes with ease, and track all submission and approval activities. This high-level view of the operation allows you to create a hierarchy of most-used files or documents. Evaluate review times, monitor communication and collaboration, and maximize efficiency with Collavate… Read More

Advanced Technologies Group (Uber ATG) is a subsidiary of Uber that is developing self-driving cars. Uber utilizes Collavate with compliance workflow for their daily Quality Assurance tasks.
Multinational technology company Google implemented Collavate to manage internal article releases and to centralize documents.
Telecommunications company Motorola incorporated Collavate to efficiently review and approve marketing material.
Salesforce used Collavate to organize and share training materials among company employees, stimulating communication and collaboration within the business.
Kakao Group, the owner of Daum Communications and Kakaotalk, used Collavate to organize workflow for general approval processes and Collavate DLP (data leak prevention) to audit their Google Drive and prevent the loss of confidential data.
Prominent college Southwestern Christian University used the collaborative electronic approval process Collavate offers to transfer forms among school administrators, greatly expediting form processing time.
Prominent South-Korean news company Chosun Biz used Collavate to streamline internal news article review and approval and also used Collavate’s platform to customize its website.
South Korea’s main daily business newspaper has implemented publishing approval workflow to streamline internal articles review and editing process.
FILA, a global sporting goods company, implemented Collavate DLP to monitor real-time data usage and prevent data leakage on Google Drive.
Marine satellite antenna systems maker Intellian Tech used Collavate’s DLP (Data Leak Prevention) features to ensure file security for Google Drive. Intellian also utilized Collavate’s workflow management features to boost efficiency.
Procase Management staff utilized Collavate’s workflow management features to streamline their document approval process.
Aluminum seller Madison Kipp Corporation used Collavate’s template capabilities to effectively create groups, boosting communication. Madison Kipp also implemented the tagging function to organize business documents between departments.
The Carnegie Foundation implemented Collavate’s workflow management features to organize forms and templates.
Cory-Rawson used Collavate to transfer documents among faculty members. With Collavate’s file organization capabilities, teachers were able to effectively collaborate remotely.
BW Monastery implemented Collavate’s enterprise social network to increase communication among members. The organization also utilized Collavate’s workflow capabilities to organize and transfer files.

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